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Lighting and Water Effects

Color-Changing Lights - Let the magic begin

One of today’s hottest trends, underwater color-changing light systems give you the ability to change your pool’s color theme for any nighttime event. A patriotic mix of red, white and blue for the 4th of July. Quick flashes of bright colors for a birthday party. Slow transitions of soft colors for a romantic evening. It’s like an instant pool makeover. But the magic is not limited to your pool. You can also light up spas, fountains and other water features to match or contrast with your pool light show.

We Recommend:
  • SAm® and SAL® Halogen Lights – The Brightest Choice
  • IntelliBrite® and IntelliBrite® 5g LED Lights – For the Widest Variety of Colors and Energy-Efficiency

      Halogen Lights

      The first and brightest automatic color changing lights

      Spectrum Amerlite® (SAm®) is the world’s first—and the brightest—underwater halogen light that changes color continuously or locks on one single color at the flip of a switch. Unlike ordinary pool lights, SAm features unique electronic intelligence that allows you to control the color of the light emitted by twin halogen quartz bulbs.

      Delivering a wide spectrum of mesmerizing colors, SAm can bathe your pool in a custom color you select to suit your mood, or slowly roll through part or all of its entire spectrum in a luminous underwater display. Imagine transforming your pool into a unique and breathtaking aquatic environment right before your eyes. And for pools with more than one light, multiple SAm lights synchronize with one another to provide uniformly spectacular color from one end of the pool to the other.

      Spectrum Aqualight® (SAL®) produces the same revolutionary color changing effects as the SAm, but in an exclusive compact size designed especially for spas. You can synchronize SAL to bathe your spa in breathtaking colors to match your SAm illuminated pool, or select a different color to complement your nighttime pool environment.

      Led Lights

      No other LED offers the freedom and brightness of IntelliBrite®

      With Pentair’s IntelliBrite® LED lighting technology, you can produce a wider variety of colors in your pool than ever before. Clusters of individual colored LEDs are mixed and matched within a single light fixture to achieve any color of the spectrum. The clusters can be electronically controlled to come on and cycle through colors at varying speeds, and in different sequences of color.

      Unlike many LED pool lights, the IntelliBrite distributes light and color more uniformly throughout the pool and continues to work even when a single bulb burns out. In addition, LED pool lights are the most energy-efficient lighting option.

      Plus, IntelliBrite LED lighting is our Eco Select™ brand choice for color-changing pool and spa lighting.

      Perimeter & Landscape Lights

      Showcase your landscape and pool perimeter.

      Don’t limit the light show to your pool and spa. Color-changing lights for pool perimeter and landscape add to the nighttime magic in your poolside environment.

      We Recommend:
      LED color-changing landscape lights

      Simply the most dramatic and energy-efficient lighting option available today, IntelliBrite® color-changing landscape lights can match your underwater pool and spa lighting, your mood, or any special event. IntelliBrite LED color-changing landscape light consume 92% less energy than even 12 volt systems and are a Pentair Eco Select™ brand choice. It features the same color shows and fixed colors as IntelliBrite color-changing pool and spa lights and can be synchronized for coordinated or complementary lighting effects!

      Fiber optic perimeter lighting systems

      For dramatic lighting effects that literally immerse your pool and spa in a wondrous glow, choose FIBERworks® fiber optic systems. FIBERworks creates a soft, neon light around your pool and spa perimeter for an elegant effect. For added drama and visual excitement, illuminate water features to capture the magic of moving water in one of seven colors. Flip a switch to select a color that sets the evening’s mood.

      Water Effects

      When Water Moves, Magic Happens

      Perhaps nothing else soothes the soul like the sight and sound of moving water. That’s why water features are such a popular trend.

      We Recommend:
      MagicFalls® Water Effects. Our line of waterfalls features rain, sheet, curtain, and arc effects and includes 900 options including metallic finishes, plus white and gray.

      WallSpring™ Decorative Accents. Choose from nearly 50 different styles of rosettes, lion heads, figureheads, sconces, shells and handholds. Available in 7 colors including 4 metallic finishes.

      MagicStream® Laminars. Reaching up to 7 feet high and projecting out up to 8 feet—include your choice of LED color-changing lighting (locks in on a single color or displays multi-colors including 3 color-changing programs and a solenoid for added arc impact) or a laminar with a fiber optic lighting adapter.