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Convenience Options

Convenience Options

Convenience Options – Automation

The Ultimate in Carefree Enjoyment

Automated control systems can handle most of the routine so you have more time to enjoy your pool and spa. Automation also helps extend equipment life and reduce energy costs. That’s because automation ensures that your circulation system, heater, lights and auxiliary equipment operate only when needed or when you choose. By optimizing equipment run times, automation even allows you to take advantage of available off-peak electric rates.

We Recommend:
With our automation systems, you can control from four to 40 functions, such as pool and landscape lighting, automatic pool cleaners, fountains, waterfalls, and chlorine generators as well as basic circulation and heating equipment. Plus, they are all Eco Select™ brand choices.

Your builder can help you choose the Pentair control system best for your needs:

  • SunTouch® systems for when you need to upgrade your pool from analog to digital
  • Super simple and affordable EasyTouch® systems
  • Flexible and expandable IntelliTouch® systems that offer control over more equipment with multiple ScreenLogic® wired and wireless remote options

Automatic Cleaners

Relax, Play, Laugh… the cleaning is automatic

An automatic pool cleaner can really help cut pool maintenance chores down to size, allowing you and your family to spend more time enjoying your pool. To keep your pool sparkling clean with a minimum of effort, you’ll want to select an automatic cleaner that offers the best combination of cleaning performance, simplicity, convenience and long-term reliability. Although there are many automatic cleaners on the market, our cleaners clearly meet these goals. Our pressure-side, suction-side and robotic automatic inground pool cleaners have been chosen by more than 2,000,000 pool owners worldwide.

Three types of automatic cleaners are available:

  • Pressure-Side
  • Suction-Side
  • Robotic

Automatic Chlorine Generators

No need to ever buy chlorine with a salt pool

Electrolytic chlorine generation (or salt chlorine generation) is the easiest, most effective and convenient way to keep pool water sparkling clean and sanitized. The chlorine generator uses common table salt to produce all the chlorine your pool needs, right in your pool—safely, effectively and automatically. It provides the same sanitation performance as manual chlorine addition without the drawbacks.

The benefits of salt pools are significant:

  • No impurities to irritate eyes and skin, or fade swimwear.
  • Water feels softer and silkier.
  • No running to the store, or handling and storing liquid or solid chlorine products.

We Recommend:
With IntelliChlor® chlorine generator, monitoring chlorine production has never been as easy. It’s the only one with all controls and displays built right into the cell-and the only one providing so much helpful feedback to you. Just select from one of five sanitizing levels to easily manage chlorine addition. Plus, it is our Eco Select™ brand choice for automatic chlorine generation.