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Whisperflo® High performance pump

Simply the most efficient and quietest pump you can buy! WhisperFlo®, an incredibly quiet and reliable pool pump that outperforms the competition in every measure

The correct pump should circulate a pool’s entire volume at least 2 times a day, as efficiently as possible. Greater efficiency means lower running costs… and the key lies in the heart of the pump’s design. The secret is to minimize friction and turbulence. Less friction means greater efficiency. Less turbulence means less noise. That’s why all Pentair pumps feature a proprietary hydraulic design which has been refined over 40 years for superior performance.

The WhisperFlo® is engineered to move the water more efficiently and quietly than competitive pumps, thanks to the unique design of the Funnelflo™ diffuser and a high-efficiency impeller that maximizes water flow and energy efficiency and ensures the quietest operation! The pre-filter comes with an oversized strainer basket and an easy-view strainer pot lid for instant inspection. WhisperFlo® is engineered to provide optimum performance in a very wide range of installations, including pool/spa combinations. It also delivers the power needed for suction-side, pressure-side and in-floor cleaning systems.


  • Patented oversized strainer basket reduces cleaning frequency
  • Easy-view lid design for instant inspection will remain clear and strong for years. Plus the “Cam and Ramp” ™ lid delivers even pressure to eliminate air and water leaks
  • Delivers higher performance with a lower power consumption
  • Made from high-temperature, engineered thermoplastic to withstand extreme heat and prevent corrosion designed for long life
  • Easy installation and trouble-free servicing
  • CE-approved
  • 3-year warranty
  1. P1001
    Clamp, Cam &
  2. P1002
    Cover clear
  3. P1003
    O-ring cover
  4. P1004
  5. P1007
    Bolt – Top & Bottom
  6. P1005
    Bolt -Centre (2)
  7. P1006
    Nut Centre (2)
  8. P1009
    Gasket seal plate
  9. P1010
  10. P1011
    Diffuser O-ring
  1. P1012
    Diffuser screw (2)
  2. P1013
  3. P1014
    Impeller screw
  4. P1015
    Impeller screw o-ring
  5. P1016
    Mechanical seal
  6. P1017
    Seal plate
  7. P1018
    Foot for pump
  8. P1019
    Screw for foot (2)
  9. P1020
    Drain plug
  10. P1021
    Drain plug gasket
  1. P1051
    Motor 0.55kw 1
  2. P1061
    Motor 0.75kw 1
  3. P1071
    Motor 1.1kw 1 phase
  4. P1081
    Motor 1.5kw 1 phase
  5. P2051
    Motor 2.2kw 1 phase
  6. P1024
    0.55kw Impeller
  7. P1025
    0.75kw impeller
  8. P1026
    1.1kw Impeller
  9. P1027
  10. P1028
    2.2kw Impeller