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IntelliFlo® VF Intelligent Variable Flow Pump

Simply the most valuable technology innovation in pool equipment history

You’ll likely save thousands over the long life of this revolutionary innovation To say the IntelliFlo® VF pump is a radically different-and superior-pool pump is a massive understatement.

Here’s why:

Traditional pool pumps have offered a limited number of single speed or two-speed designs. Their motor speeds are set and unchangeable. These set speeds are almost always higher than required, thereby overpowering the jobs they are assigned to do and wasting energy. What’s more, other pumps rely on induction motor technology, which is far less efficient. The result is that pumps are notorious energy hogs that cost hundreds often more thousands-per year to operate. In fact, in some areas of the country, laws are being passed to prevent future purchases of these“old school” pumps. The IntelliFlo® VF pump, by contrast, is sensationally energy efficient. It is the totally automatic, self-setting and self-adjusting, variable speed marvel with a micro-processor that determines and maintains the lowest amount of water flow for maximum performance and minimum energy use. It’s also the first to use vastly more efficient permanent magnet motor technology (used in hybrid cars).

Slashing energy use up to 90%

An exclusive blend of technology innovations are behind the monumental energy savings possible with IntelliFlo.

  • IntelliFlo is the first to use permanent magnet motors as a fundamentally energy-efficient design.
  • IntelliFlo also employs variable drive technology controlled by an onboard computer and sophisticated software to allow pinpoint programming, or totally automatic operation, to achieve and maintain optimum (typically lower) flow rates for further energy savings. IntelliFlo operates at 1/10th of a horsepower, using about 100 watts of energy… about the same as a light bulb. of standard pumps for impressive savings. Exclusive, variable-speed capability builds potential savings up to 90%.

Why Slower is Better

The surprising secret to minimising pump energy costs is to operate at the lowest flow rate needed to accomplish a job. It takes far less energy to move water slowly than quickly. Why? Because there’s lower resistance in the filter, accessories and plumbing system. Even though a pump will work longer at a lower flow rate, this is far more efficient. A good analogy is your car: you get much better petrol savings at 60 kph than at 150 kph. The same is true with pool pumps-run slower for greater efficiency (and many other good reasons, too).

This graph shows the huge increase in energy consumption as pump speed increases.
Slow down the pump and you cut energy costs dramatically.

Beyond achieving massive energy savings, the IntelliFlo pump’s unique combination of technologies creates additional advantages not available with any other pump.

Dramatically longer life.
Permanent magnet motors produce far less heat and vibration than traditional induction motors. The result is not only less stress and wear on pump components, but on other equipment, too. IntelliFlo’s motor is also a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) design that provides exceptional protection from the elements. You can expect dramatically longer life for an even greater return on your investment.

Protects itself and your investment.

IntelliFlo also has built-in diagnostics that detect the most common causes of premature pump failureloss of prime, overheating, freezing and voltage irregularities-and corrective action is taken.

Quieter than a whisper.

The IntelliFlo pump’s TEFC motor, combined with the ability to run at low speeds with little vibration, delivers nearly silent operation. It’s simply the quietest pump on the planet.

Enhance performance of water quality systems.

Since optimum pump speeds are typically lower than those pre-set on older pumps, IntelliFlo runs longer in most applications. And when water moves slower for longer periods, good things happen. It helps reduce the occurrence of algae that forms more easily when water is allowed to rest for long periods. It makes your filter more effective, because it has more time to strip particles from the water, plus small particles aren’t forced through the filter media under unnecessarily high pressure. Automatic chemical dispensers and chlorinators are also more effective when water keeps moving.

To download the Adobe pdf Brochure, click here. [File Size: 5.67 mb]


Maintain your gains.

Add or change equipment and features without reducing pump performance and efficiency. You or your pool pro can re-program IntelliFlo–or let it set itself–to maintain optimum performance when you add a new feature or replace existing equipment. dramatically increased. Filters and sanitizers work better. Your water features are adjustable. These are the many reasons why IntelliFlo is, without question, the single most valuable technology innovation in pool equipment history.

Change water features on command.

Also exclusive to IntelliFlo is the ability to increase or decrease the flow to water features and alter their appearance and performance. For the first time, you can manage the sights and sounds of your backyard retreat (while driving energy costs down to new lows). And it’s all push-button simple.

In short, virtually everything works more effectively, with less wear and tear, when IntelliFlo is on the job. The energy savings are massive. Operating noise is virtually eliminated. Service life is dramatically increased. Filters and sanitizers work better. Your water features are adjustable. These are the many reasons why IntelliFlo is, without question, the single most valuable technology innovation in pool equipment history.

For all its technical sophistication, IntelliFlo is as simple to program and operate as an automatic lawn sprinkling system-even simpler if you let IntelliFlo program itself. For most installations, this is a “set it and forget it” proposition. But remember, this pump adjusts as your systems or conditions change. And yet, for all its refinements, this is one industrialstrength workhorse that’s been engineered for extra long, trouble-free life.

Below is the list of part codes for the Intelliflo device:

  1. P0661
  2. P1007
    Bolt - Top & Bottom
  3. P1005
    Bolt centre (2)
  4. P1018
  5. P1020
    Drain plug (2)
  6. P1011
    Diffuser O-ring
  7. P1014
    Impeller screw<>P1013
  8. P1028
  1. P1015
    Impeller screw
  2. P1021
    Drain plug gasket (2)
  3. P1003
    Lid ‘o-ring
  4. P1010
  5. P0668
    Variable speed
    motor drive 3.2kw
  6. 3.2kw pump motor
  1. P1017
    Seal plate
  2. P1009
    Gasket seal plate
  3. P1002
    Cover clear
  4. P1001
    Clamp, cam & ramp
  5. P1016
    Mechanical seal
  6. P0667

(*) Not serviceable