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Kreepy Kolor light

Kreepy Kolor Pool Light

Any work carried out on the Electric Distribution board must be done by a qualified electrician.

Improper installation may create and electrical hazard. Please ensure that all instructions are followed.

All ensure that the "live" and "neutral" wires on installation of more than one unit per pool are matched correctly, to ensure synchronization.

Always disconnect the power to the pool light at the circuit breaker before servicing your light.

Colour setting instructions:

If you wish to set you Kreepy Kolor on a specific colour:

  • As the Kreepy Kolor turns turns the colour, which you would like to set in on, and it will be static on this colour.

If you wish to set your Kreepy Kolor on a progressive multi-coloured display:

  • The kreeepy kolor will progress through its cycle when all light Emitting Diodes are on and a bright white light is visible. Start up of colour progression will commence after approximately 30 seconds. If you have previously had the Kreepy Kolor set on one colour, allow at least 10 seconds after switching the unit off, before you switch it on again for it to progress through its cycle once more.
If you wish to leave your Kreepy Kolor on a white light setting:
  • All light Emitting Diodes will be on and a white light will be produced. Switch the unit on and off to set on white light. The unit will not change colour on this setting, until it has once again been switched off approximately 10 seconds, and on again to recommence a color cycle.