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Hug Bug

Hug Bug

The cute, clever, colourful Pool Cleaner

The new Hug Bug® is one of Kreepy Krauly’s® latest development in automatic pool cleaning technology. The Hug Bug will clean your pool by firstly scrubbing your pool walls and floor, removing dirt particles with its rows of tiny rubber scrubbers and then secondly it immediately vacuums away the dirt and debris and sends it right where it belongs - to your pool’s filtration system. Having a dirty pool is about to become a thing of the past, thanks to Kreepy Krauly® Hug Bug®,

  • Hug Bug features the exclusive SmartTrac programmed steering. SmartTrac assures complete cleaning coverage from your pool floor to the waterline, manoeuvring Hug Bug around corners, swim-outs and steps. It’s truly a “set it and forget it” pool cleaner.
  • 2-way cleaning action-patented footpad design scrubs and dislodges debris from the pool surface while its powerful vacuum action whisks it away.
  • Wide body design allows the Kreepy Krauly Hug Bug to cut a broad 300 mm cleaning path for fast cleaning.
  • Hug Bug’s rows of flexible rubber scrubbing teeth dislodge stubborn dirt and vacuum it away.

By Kreepy Krauly®
The brand of choice for more than 3 million pool owners worldwide.

Set it and forget it

Remove the Kreepy Krauly® Hug Bug® cleaner from the box, attach the hose, place it in the water and watch it attack dirt as it hugs the bottom and sides of your pool cleaning the dirt and debri.

Key features include:

  • No assembly required. Just attach to hose and go.
  • Devours everything in its path from dirt, sand, pollen, leaves, twigs, and insects while helping to scrub away algae, loose scale and soft calcium deposits.
  • Adjustable regulator valve lets you set just the right cleaning speed to assure the most effective cleaning possible.
  • No annoying diaphragms to replace.
  • From Kreepy Krauly, the most popular namein automatic pool cleaning with over 3 millioncleaners installed worldwide.
  • Two-year limited warranty. See warranty for details

To download the Adobe pdf Brochure, click here [File Size:6.46 mb]

Below is the list of part names:

  1. H1016
  2. H1002
    Below Clip R/H
  3. H1001
    Below Clip L/H
  4. H1004
    Below R/H
  5. H1003
    Below L/H
  6. H1010
    Elevation Limiter
  7. H1006
    Centre clip
  8. H1007
  9. H1020
    Ratchet finger
  10. H1013
    Gear centre
  1. H1024
    Shaft short
  2. H1009
    Drive gear short
  3. H1023
    Shaft plug (2)
  4. H1018
    Planet gear
  5. H1018
    Planet gear
  6. H1030
    Space gear
  7. H1015
    Housing/Shoe assembly
  8. H1021
    Sealing washer
  9. H1026
    Oscillator sleeve
  10. H1031
    Stainless steel shaft
  1. H1022
    Shaft long
  2. H1008
    Drive gear long
  3. H1028
    Sliding seal short (2)
  4. H1027
    Sliding seal long (2)
  5. H1017
  6. H1043
    Flag large right
  7. H1043
    Flag large left
  8. H1012
    Flap set (27/28)
  9. H1029
    Sliding seal set (23/24)