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Dominator Lite

POOL CLEANER FOR SPLASH POOLS - Rise up and win the battle against the drudgery of challenging pool cleaning chores! Enlist the Dominator® Lite Suction-side Inground Pool Cleaner for thorough cleaning coverage of splash pools with exposure to leaves, sand, and other hard-to-clean debris.

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Kreepy Krauly Pro

The Kreepy Krauly® Pro cleaner's powerful suction relentlessly removes dirt and debris automatically.

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Hug Bug

The Hug Bug® will clean your pool by scrubbing and vacuuming away the dirt and debris on your walls and floor.

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The Dominator's programmed steering and compact, two-wheeled design maneuvers decisively around your pool, from deep to shallow bottoms, up walls to the water line, and into tight spaces that other cleaners miss.
Dominator 30 day money back guarantee.

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Lil Shark

The Lil Shark™ scrubs your pool floor with its bristles and removes even the thoughes dirt.

sand-shark sand-shark

Sand Shark

The Sand Shark has a powerful vacuum action and extra-wide mouth which captures large and small debris for spotless cleaning.

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kreepyk kreepyk

Kreepy Krauly

For optimum cleaning performance, simplicity and convenience, choose the Kreepy Krauly® pool cleaner.

bull-shark-hose-front bull-shark-hose-front

Bull Shark Cruiser

The BullShark™ pool cleaner shares many of the design features of the original Kreepy Krauly® pool cleaner, the most popular automatic suction-side vacuum in history.

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Tiger Shark Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark goes about its business quietly, quickly and powerfully, while you relax and enjoy your pool to the full.